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Myles Collins attributes his success to date to the support received from his family, friends and sponsors. See how you or your business could contribute to and support Myles' racing career through sponsorship opportunities.

Myles Collins Racing

18th November 2014


Myles was very fortunate to grab a chance of testing the new Seat Leon Cupcar at Silverstone last week, thanks to Ash and his team at BPM Racing.

After weeks of excitement from Myles and his father, the day soon came around. Myles arrived at the track for 7:30am so he could have a good look around the car to learn its features and introduce himself to the team. After becoming familiar with all the controls and data it was time to go out in the car for a quick shake down to ensure he was comfortable enough for the long day ahead.

Myles came back in after his shake down with a big grin on his face. “It’s extremely wet out there, but these are my favourite conditions, the reason Senna was so good was every time it rained, he was on the track testing his car to its limits. You really get to find the limits and potential of the car very quickly” Myles said.

Throughout the day the conditions were up and down, wet in the morning but slowly drying. The car has an option of wet and dry tyres but unfortunately the track was never dry enough for slicks, so Myles couldn’t get a feel for a dry setup. Towards the end of the day Myles was getting quicker and quicker as he had chance to familiarise himself with the car more and more. His last session was his best as there was minimal traffic and the sun appeared, he mentioned this was when he could really push the car and feel it moving around a lot on corners which is where he wanted to be.

The team were pleased with Myles’ performance and asked him back for another test but this time in the dry, so they can work on data with a 2nd driver to confirm a dry setup for the car.

Myles is looking for a drive in the 2015 Britcar Championship or the Seat Leon Spanish Euro Cup racing this particular car. He desperately needs sponsorship to make this happen. If you are interested and would like to promote your company with a great team, car and driver then please get in touch.

Benefits such as livery exposure on the car, race suit, helmets. As well as this Myles has a huge social media following around him which he would use to promote his sponsors and also he visions hosting sponsor track days where his sponsors and sponsors clients can come to have a look around the car and have passenger rides. Free tickets to each race weekend will be included to offer your workers a team building experience or to invite your clients to come along and see what you are involved with.

Myles owns a Modified German VAG Car Show called Fitted UK where around 9,000 people come to visit on the day and over 800 cars on display. The race car would appear at this event in the main area all liveried up with potentially your company logo on display at events such as this.

Please use the contact form on the website to get in touch.

Images courtesy of Stevie Borowik Photography

Here are some images from the 2014 Spanish Euro Cup racing at famous tracks around the world.

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